READ FULL STORY -- Where is the Hitler"s grave?

Adolf Hitler's burial remains shrouded in mystery and speculation. Historians generally believe that after his suicide in April 1945, towards the end of World War II, Hitler's body was buried in Berlin.

Following his death, his body was found and later cremated in the garden of the Reich Chancellery, alongside Eva Braun, his longtime companion whom he had married just before their deaths. This act was to prevent his enemies from seizing, displaying, or creating a memorial for his body.

As the Red Army advanced into Berlin and the Reich, the cremated remains were hastily buried in a shallow grave on the Chancellery grounds. In the tumultuous post-war period, it is suspected that Hitler's remains were moved to several undisclosed locations around Berlin to prevent any shrine or monument from being built in his memory.

Stalin, likely motivated by a desire to avoid any glorification of Hitler, ordered the secretive and scattered burial of Hitler's remains. This historical account reflects the complex and tumultuous events surrounding the end of World War II and the fate of Adolf Hitler's remains.

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