READ FULL STORY -- HARRY EXPOSED AS A LIAR! Harry TURNS WHITE After Nigel Farage EXPOSES Another Skeleton From His Memoir

In a recent 60-minute special on GB News, Nigel Farage has stirred controversy by suggesting that Prince Harry should be removed from the royal family and have his dukedom revoked.

Farage criticized Prince Harry for his comments in his upcoming book, “Spare,” and during promotional interviews, accusing him of promoting the use of psychedelic drugs and causing difficulties for the Queen in her final years.

The former Brexit party leader also condemned Prince Harry for disrespecting his family members, including his brother and father.

Farage expressed concerns about Prince Harry’s behavior, highlighting his willingness to profit from private conversations, even at his grandfather’s funeral.

He raised doubts about Prince Harry’s integrity, questioning whether he would exploit significant events like the coronation for personal gain.

Farage emphasized Prince Harry’s admission of drug use and his questionable actions, labeling him as “dim” and “stupid.”

He called for Prince Harry to be dismissed from his position as Duke of Sussex.

Amidst the ongoing controversy, Prince Harry has been vocal in interviews, accusing certain members of the royal family of colluding with the media for negative press coverage.

He specifically targeted Camilla, the queen consort, alleging that she leaked private conversations to enhance her public image.

These accusations have fueled tensions within the royal family and raised concerns about the dynamics between its members.

Historian David Starkey joined the conversation, denouncing Prince Harry as a traitor to his family and country.

Starkey criticized Prince Harry’s focus on self-absorption, contrasting it with the sense of duty exemplified by the late queen.

Despite his strong words, Starkey opposed the idea of stripping Prince Harry of his duke title, suggesting that it would only amplify his presence in the public eye.

He argued that Prince Harry’s diminishing role in the succession line would naturally lead to his fading into obscurity.

The debate surrounding Prince Harry’s actions and statements has sparked divided opinions among commentators and the public.

While some advocate for his removal from the royal family, others caution against giving him undue attention.

The complexity of the situation raises questions about the implications of such a drastic decision and the potential repercussions on the monarchy as a whole.

As discussions continue to unfold, the future of Prince Harry’s status within the royal family remains uncertain.

The calls for his dismissal from the dukedom underscore the deep-seated tensions and conflicts within the royal household.

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