READ FULL SOTRY - The Brutal Execution of a Man Convicted of r*pe and m*rder of a young girl

Kuwait recently carried out the legal penalties for five individuals convicted of serious crimes. The Ministry of Justice and Interior identified three of these individuals as Kuwaiti nationals and two as foreign nationals.

The penalties included the execution of Farraj Al Rukaibi for his involvement in a tragic incident, Saad Al Mutairi for serious offenses, and Mohammed Al Shimmary for his criminal actions.

Shakarullah Ansari, an Indian national, faced legal consequences for his actions against his employer. He was executed for his involvement in a regrettable incident.

Mayan Mohammed Iqbal Mayan, a Pakistani national, was also executed for smuggling activities.

These legal measures were carried out following thorough judicial processes, including the consideration of appeals and endorsements from Kuwait's ruler Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmed Al Sabah. The executions took place at Naif Police Station in Kuwait City.

The public had the opportunity to witness these legal proceedings, which Kuwaiti officials believe serve as a strong deterrent against crime. Such public viewings were authorized by Kuwait's parliament in the past.

As part of ongoing reforms, future executions will be conducted at Kuwait's Central Prison in Suliabiya."

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