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Al-Inshirāḥ, or ash-Sharḥ is the ninety-fourth chapter of the Qur'an, with eight ayat or verses. Because of its subject matter, length, style, and placement in the Qur'an, this sura is often coupled with Surah ad-Dhuha. They are generally considered to have been revealed around the same time. (Source: Wikipedia)

Important Queries :

Q1: Which surah is alam nashrah in the quran majeed?

A. Surah Al-Inshirāḥ

Q2: Surah Alam Nashrah meaning in English?

A. The Opening-Up of the Heart

Surah Inshirah Wazifa:

If you have any problem or question in life. Then you do this wazifa.

Method of Wazifa:

Before doing this wazifa takes one glass of water and paper from a notebook. Write your question on paper and put it in water. Then, read Surah 100 times and blow into the water. Keep water near and sleep. Do this amel for 11 days. Allah will guide you in your sleep. If you feel thirsty while sleeping. You drink this water.No risk in drinking water. 

Benefits of Surah Inshirah: 

1. If someone dies or someone gets divorced he does not get depressed. So read this surah 6 times after every prayer.

2. If a person has a debt, he should recite this Surah 41 times after the Fajr prayer and recite it 7 times daily, then Allah will create the means to pay off his debt.

3. If the disease does not end in a house, recite this Surah 360 times blow in water, and give it to all the people.

4. If someone's husband is cruel, recite this surah 101 times and blow on your husband, Allah will create mercy in his heart.

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